Are you planning to buy a new mobile phone and you have tons of data, songs, and videos that you require? Then this memory card from Samsung might be something you need to easily transfer all the data.

It has a capacity of 16GB, so you can easily store data from your smartphone, tablet and laptop. It works perfectly even with advanced devices and allows you to transfer pictures two times faster than a regular microSD card.

Faster Transfer
With a transfer speed of up to 48MB per second, this memory card lets you transfer up to 360 photos per minute, so now spend less time transferring pictures.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Answering a phone call is too silly an excuse for you to risk your safety while riding. For a smart device that doubles up as a good riding companion, we bring to you the Samsung Galaxy J7 – 6. Activate the S bike mode and a pre-recorded message informs the caller that you’re riding. If it’s really important, the Motion Lock feature ensures that you’re parked safely before taking a call.