Eastern Logica Infoway LTD.

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a premier Retail and Distribution company of IT products, Mobile phones and related Accessories with Head Quarters at Kolkata, West Bengal.

It is one of the Largest companies in these product lines in Eastern India with sales turnover of Rs.302 Crores in the financial year 2015-16. Along with the group companies, the turnover is on the threshold of Rs.500 crores.

It already has 7 retail showrooms in Kolkata ( Which include one Dell Exclusive Showroom and one Exclusive Samsung Mobile Phones cafe ) and more are being opened. Apart from Kolkata, it also has offices and distribution centers in other cities of West Bengal e.g.Durgapur, Midnapore and Srirampore.

It is the largest marketing partner of Lenovo mobiles in eastern India.

Growing year after year, it is fast moving towards Pan India presence with Offices and distribution networks already at Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Similar Centres are being opened in other cities.

The Company is very actively engaged in e-commerce ensuring quick deliveries across all the cities.

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